Behold, Ocean City’s Most Expensive Home Sale This Year

26 barbados ln ocean city nj

Address: 26 Barbados Ln.

Price: $6.4 million (sold May 3, 2023)

Hello, beautiful!

Last week we told you about April’s depressed median sale prices, which perhaps signaled a change in the market. But May got off to a SMOKING start with the sale of this $6.4 million bayside palace, and median sale prices so far for the month have stabilized right back to the sub-$1million price point we’ve become accustomed to in 2023.

So let’s take a deeper look at 26 Barbados Ln., which looks to have been bought by owners of a staffing firm in Montgomery County, PA.

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It is only the second residential property to sell for over $6 million in Ocean City in the last 12 months! It was bested only by 2021 Wesley, which sold for $7.5 million last May. So the comps are out the window here. The buying process looks like this:

Are you rich?

Do you want to buy this house?

Yes, you do.

First off, I intensely dislike real estate listing descriptions because a skilled agent could make a recently-condemned Seaspray condo sound enticing. Daily grind have you seeing red? Well, escape to the beach, because the only red you’ll be seeing at this bargain seaside escape is the red tape tastefully applied by city inspectors. See? For a minute that sounded great.

But most agents are terrible writers, so just give me the aerial shots and video set to calming music, please and thanks.

The lede for 26 Barbados, though, works:

“This absolutely stunning single family bayfront home is located in Ocean City’s Riviera neighborhood and features 5 bedrooms and 6.5 baths. The 127 feet of bay frontage provides room for three docks, a deck that extends over the water, multiple seating/entertaining areas, and an inground pool.”


Take me in, picture machine.

Love the listings with arrows. For real. More agents need to do this in Ocean City. I bet you arrow guy could make a killing.

Gorgeous entryway, without being over-the-top and wasting space. The place came furnished. I don’t know if that included the dolphin, or if he washed up on a Sea Isle beach last week because he couldn’t hear his pod thanks to the concussive drilling of Orsted’s sonar pile-drivers 15 miles out… but I’d like to believe the new owners kept Jolly Mon happily greeting guests here.

Are you a square? I’m a square– meaning, I have very strong positively-correlated feelings about this outstanding trim work. It’s like someone took Neptune’s living room and modernized it for the coastal elite.

This bar comes complete with “a wine cooler, beer cooler, beer meister, dishwasher, refrigerator and ice machine.” That’s a lot of condensers, are they EnergyStar compliant? Who cares! You’re rich!


The Wolf range. This is how you do a $6 million kitchen… not like that GE Cafe plebe fare over on Wesley.

God Bless America. I bet that baby rips in the wind. That sort of ripping that sounds like someone snapping a leather belt. That’s how you know you’ve made it: when your flag sounds like an Hermes belt in the coastal wind.


Is it just me, or for the corner of this property look like the front of the Titanic? I’m kiiiiing of the woooooorld!

Settle down, Neptune. Just the sea. Just the sea.

Wouldn’t recommend parking an SUV in that garage on the right. Oh wait, you just bought a $6 million house and have the auto-reverse feature on the iDrive 8 in your new BMW. Carry on.

On second thought, I’m still not sure you can get out of that driveway. But that’s OK, there’s no reason to leave this place.

You can view the full listing here.

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