Agent Takes: New OCNJ Property Listings for December 15, 2023

Listing #1 – 709 North St

Property Features: 2,125 Sqft lot, 3 bedroom, 1.5+ bathroom

The Price: $999,000

Agent Hot Take 🔥: Tough one here. It’s got a great location in the Gardens, but the home is pretty much a teardown. I guess someone could throw a decent amount of money into renovating this, but I think, by the time you’re done doing that, you might as well tear it down and start fresh. It’s on a small lot at 25 x 85 feet, so a new build would be tiny, but you could potentially be into a new single in the Gardens for between $1.8M and $2M. If the price was right, a developer would snag this. Let’s see what happens!

Property Description: Charming Older Home. Flowing with charm and character of yesteryear. Built-in cabinets and cubby for all of your cherished items to put on display.

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